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    Question, how many of you let’s players ask developers if it’d be okay to do a video on their game, and if it’s okay to monetize? I mean there’s this list of let’s play-friendly developers but smaller devs and indie devs aren’t on that.

    List: http://letsplaylist.wikia.com/wiki/“Let%27s_Play”-friendly_developers_Wiki

    • Not that I’ve done a ton of this (two episodes into that so far), it has been my experience that it depends entirely on the developer, where they are publishing, and what the policies are for both of those parties. Do your due diligence in reading the policies of a developer or GameJolt (or similar gaming platform) to see what they might feel.
      For instance, I was given access to the Gwent Closed Beta which will be released soon and I wanted to check if CD Projekt had an opinion on that. Checked their site, they said it was okay, so when I get the game I’ll be producing an episode on the game.

      • I only email them if and when I can’t find anything on their site, forums or press pages, but I haven’t even thought about publishers for the smaller games. But I guess I haven’t played any smaller games with a dedicated publisher, like, not Itch or something.

        Oh and I would love to get me some Gwent Beta, that is cool!

        • It seems that if you put your game up for free on Itch or GameJolt (even a demo), most devs are pretty cool with it. It’s the paid stuff you have to be mindful of.
          Check out the gwent site! I think you can still request access to the Beta.

    • I believe I emailed a dev a while ago just to be safe, and they were very friendly. If I remember correctly, they were appreciative of the fact that I asked and gave me permission to use their game.

      • I’ve done it for two of my upcoming videos now, both small indie games from Itch.io, and gotten an answer from one now. He was very positive. Did mainly to be safe, don’t want a bad reputation with any developers.

    • I’ll ask ’em if I’m already talking to them for some reason (like in a comment thread or something) but otherwise I just go ahead and make them regardless.