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    Hey folks, I’m typing this up super late but I wanted to ask this question, for a friend of course.
    I’ve been using twitch now to stream for about a month and a half or so and have been having a blast trying different set-ups, scene styles, etc. Twitch is, objectively, where it’s at for streaming but I’m wondering how people are using Youtube gaming or other streaming services? Do you use any? What are the pros of using one or the other?
    This friend of mine, whom I shall name mustache-Orca, think that he’s creating too much dissonance by separating his client base into Twitch Followers and Youtube subscribers. People using Youtube – are you seeing that the same people following your streams there are subscribing to your channel and viewing your other content?
    This is for a friend, as I’ve said.

    • I don’t have a lot of streaming experience, but I do have a lot of stream viewing experience. What I can tell ‘your friend’ is these things:

      Upsides for using Twitch:

      – Twitch has been in the streaming game for longer, so has a way bigger stream viewing community.

      – For that same reason the way Twitch works makes it a lot more customisable for the streamer and for the viewer (most of it in terms of UI and chat options).
      Having watched your streams I think you’ll be okay with streaming on YouTube in terms of customisability.
      (EDIT: YouTube just added a slowmode option for chat)

      – Twitch has good emotes, YouTube doesn’t really have any good emotes.

      Upsides for using YouTube:

      – The viewers you already have might watch the occasional stream. I think this is more of an upside for bigger channels (like more than 100 views on every video)

      – (This one is a really big upside.) Viewers can decide the quality of the stream, so if you’re streaming at 720p60 they’ll be able to watch in 360p if their internet is bad. This means you’ll get to stream at the maximum quality you can with everyone still being able to watch your stream. (Twitch only has this option for partnered streamers)

      It all really depends, the times I’ve been streaming solo have been on YouTube mostly because of that last reason. Don’t let a fool like me tell you to stream somewhere sucky though!

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