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    Hey guys, what are you all using for headphones? Not particularly interested in getting a new pair for myself, but I would love to start compiling a list for folks for perhaps some sort of blog post here or something of some recommended set-ups. Would be kind of fun to see what everyone is rocking to.

    Just so everyone knows, I’m doing the Sony MTX950BT which is a really solid pair of Blue tooth headphones with some nice bass equalization. About the same quality as the cheaper bose stuff, but at half the price. I would really recommend them, the battery life is absolutely insane.

    • Gotta love my Steelseries Sibera v3. I got it on sale for $50 when a Radio Shack was going out of business (surprise surprise).

    • I’ve got a Sennheiser HD 280 Pro as those were recommended to me about a million times for music production. Very neutral sound, no real leaking of sound, very comfortable, unless you wear glasses. I am now in the process of reforming my skull so that is not an issue anymore.