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    Hey everyone! Just curious, because I use OBS and I know there’s a ton of other options out there. What are your streaming set-ups like? I’m using two monitors, OBS, an AT2020 USB mic that’s basically in front of my face on a mic stand and I use voicemeeter to process everything. It’s not elegant, but boy is it quick to set up and break down at the end of the day. What are other people doing?

    • Here’s a drawing of my setup. I think it’s beautiful,very accurate and really clear.
      The random garbage also contains a big glass of water and some snacks.
      If I’m using a controller I stuff the keyboard behind my mic.
      That keyboard is not actually on the floor by the way.

      Software-wise I just use OBS studio for everything and task manager to monitor my usage levels (gotta love that task manager)

      Very clear drawing of my awesome setup

      • Also my chair is slightly bigger than that

        And there’s a black room divider thingy (is that actually what it’s called?) about 30cm (1 foot) behind me.

    • My audio goes mic -> interface -> VSTHost -> VoiceMeeter -> OBS
      Teamspeak and game audio goes VoiceMeeter -> OBS

      My mic is on micstand, no fancy boom arm business, in front of my face, between my desk and my head. Keyboard is directly behind it, mouse is slightly to the right, so the microphone picks up little to nothing from those two. Combine that with the noise gate I just spent a while setting up, nothing gets picked up anymore.

      I’ve got a cheap Behringer C-1 XLR microphone that runs through a Behringer UMC404 USB interface. I can recommend both, but static noise is an issue sometimes.