• Muppy Heingardt posted an update in the group Group logo of Looking For CritiqueLooking For Critique 2 years, 3 months ago

    Doing some bare-bones LP. Still working out sound levels and recording methods. This is the first lengthy run we’ve tried. Sound issues aside, are they interesting? How annoying are all the sniffles, and what methods do people use to reduce them (post-editing or button-pressing for mic-on)? We aren’t live-streaming much, so that’s not a factor at the moment.

    • I’m surprised no one got back to you with this Muppy!

      I actually really enjoyed this video – the banter with you and your friend, and taking the piss out of the game is always a winner.

      The sniffles didn’t really bother me. For coughing and things I tend to use a mute button (either a shortcut for keyboard or the headset mic), but the sniffles weren’t distracting to me.

      I enjoyed it – felt it was a decent length without being too long, and generally was fun to watch. Nice one!