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    Hello everyone. We are starting a Go Play Gaming podcast, and one of the segments will involve highlighting some of the content from the community. Please put any videos you have made that you may want featured in this thread. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE VIDEO WILL BE FEATURED.

    • I guess my second Guts and Glory video? (https://youtu.be/_Ao7gvKyZic)
      It’s pretty popular so for all one knows it might maybe perhaps possibly be good enough

    • My review for Sin and Punishment for the N64 (Not only I’m a let’s player I am a video game reviewer)

    • There’s my Lucioball Let’s Play…

    • I couldn’t decide what video to upload, so I am just going to pick one I did a few weeks ago of one of my favorite games Mass Effect 2. My channel mostly focuses on indie/horror/adventure games, but I did this one shot video because MAN I love mass effect and I just wanted to do one for fun lol.
      It’s the ending, so if you haven’t played the series…well, just watch it anyways. The game is old as hell!