• Grudar posted an update 5 years, 9 months ago

    Does anyone know if it’s okay to use (fragments of) songs from another game’s OST in your let’s plays? There’s some amazing music in some of those soundtracks. This is given that I bought the soundtrack obviously.

    • It really depends on the soundtrack and if it’s copyrighted by a music company.

    • I’ve had a few instances where I’ve gotten a copyright strike due to the music in a game, but typically it is with licenced music, not OSTs.

    • @eretequis @maxmarksjr

      Yeah, I’ll just have to look into it for each seperate case.

      Stuff like Bastion OST would be awesome to use, but this seems like a vague rule (from their FAQ):
      “Should you decide to post videos containing Supergiant content, we request that you provide a functional link to our site or a product page for the version of the game used in the making of said content.”

      Does that include or exclude the use of the OST in non-Bastion videos? Might just have to send some mails to some devs for confirmation.